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Ayos Meram Mansions

Meram takes its power from its meaning; It represents desire, goal and purpose. The name of the paradise you want to meet, travel and live has become meram. It spread from travel-names to poems, and from poems to hearts. 8 km west of Meram city centre. at distance. A harmony of greenery extending towards Konya on the eastern skirts of these slopes with the steep sloping bare slopes of Loras Mountain on the west side.

Ayos Meram Mansions aims to offer a dazzling experience with its architecture, enchanting with its greenery, right in the middle of this geography. With its 4000 m2 lake area, it becomes a whole with nature. Ayos Meram Mansions, where 7+2 wide and comfortable 46 mansions will be located, also hosts extensive social opportunities.

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