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Visit Our Website To Know Us Better

Visit Our Website To Know Us Better

First Hand Project Sales Consultancy

  • Market Analysis
  • Architectural concept development Revenue forecasting, goodwill and pricing
  • Management of all marketing activities
  • Training on setting up a direct sales team
  • Follow-up of sales closing processes
  • Domestic and foreign customer services
  • Alternative sales team management (real estate agents and agents)
  • If there is a commercial area in the project, preparing and renting the shop, store mix.

Second Hand Project Sales Rental Offices

  • Establishing a joint working model with the site management
  • Positioning the expert team to work steadily on the project
  • Management of all marketing activities
  • Creating a tenant profile suitable for the project
  • Protection of sales and rental values
  • Wealth management from a to z for collective owners
  • Regular monthly reporting

Buyer Consulting

  • Detailed management of multiple properties of corporate or individual clients. Finding properties
  • Discovery of legal compliance of the relevant deed
  • Managing the bargaining process on behalf of the buyer
  • Completion of paperwork
  • Reaching the final result on behalf of the buyer

*In order to protect the rights of buyers and consultants, Partner Strategy is the only company that serves its customers under the BUYER BROKERAGE agreement.

Business Consulting

  • Creation of commercial areas shop mix
  • Corporate leasing and sales process management
  • Commercial business transfer operations
  • A to Z consultancy in the food and beverage industry. New brand, feasibility, menu, team building and finding the right store property physically, architectural decoration support.
  • Meeting real estate needs in line with the franchise growth strategy

Property Management

  • Detailed management of multiple properties of corporate or individual clients.
  • Rent and dues tracking, repairs, consierge, decoration, legal support
  • Sales leasing processes

Start-up Consulting

  • Sectoral know-how sharing
  • Know-how sharing in efficiency and speed improvement processes
  • Field support
  • Establishment and management of appropriate networks (regional representation,

Citizenship and Right of Residence Counseling

  • Legal advice
  • Documentation and tracking
  • Real estate consultancy for the right to citizenship
  • Residence right applications, rental processes management